Fields of expertise

  • Thermomechanical Reliability Analysis of Microcomponents in 'high tech' Systems
  • Fracture Mechanics, Crack and Fracture Analysis in Microsystems and Microelectronic Components ("Fracture Electronics")
  • Development of New Tools for Microdeformation Analysis Based upon Grey Value Image Correlation Techniques (microDAC)
  • Combined Numerical and Experimental Approach
  • Finite Element Simulation for Micro Materials Applications
  • Laser Measurement Techniques Applied to Small Dimensions
  • Nanomechanics and Micro Mechatronics Modelling
  • Coupled Field Problems (mechanical, electro-magnetic, optical, diffusion and "combined" field effects)
  • Modular Microsystems and MEMS Reliability Life Time Evaluations.

Principal Accomplishments

  • Systematized knowledge in the field of physics and micromechanics of crack and fracture phenomena, theoretical damage, failure and fracture concepts and their experimental verification
  • Carried out fundamental work with his research group in the field of thermo-mechanical behaviour of microcomponents and microsystems
  • Carried out a lot of studies, expertises and research reports for companies and contractors all over the world in the field of mechanical reliability of microcomponents in various applications (e.g. automotive, IT, space research etc.)
  • Derived concepts in the field of combined theoretical and experimental approach to life-time prediction and failure prevention of microcomponents, e.g. in the field of materials mechanics of electronic packaging
  • Organized successful international, European and German conferences, meetings and workshops in different fields of materials science, mechanics and physics of crack and fracture, and
  • published many papers in reviewed journals, books, reports.


Member of Program Committees (selected)

IMAPS Poland, Gdansk 2010, 2011
Poly’99 Internat Conference, IEEE-CPMT, Paris 1999General Chair
Poly ‘2000, Internat. Conference, IEEE-CPMT, London , 2000General Co-Chair

ESTC 2006, Electronic System Technology Conference, Dresden 2006

ESTC 2008, Electronic System Technology Conference, London 2008

ESTC 2010, Electronic System Technology Conference, Berlin 2010

1st Int. Conference Micro Nao Reliability, Berlin 2007, GermanyGeneral Chair
SPIE Conf. Non-Destructive Testing, San Diego 2006Co-Chair, Conf. Co-Chair

EuroSimE, Conference Series,Paris 2011,  Berlin, Delft etc.

Conf. Design, Microfabrication and Packaging, Cannes, France,2006Conf. Chair

DTIP Conference Series, Cannes, Grenoble etc.

Polytronics, Stockholm, Wroclaw, Tokyo, Conf. Series

Micro Materials Conferences, Berlin 1997,2000
Micro Car Conferences, LEIPZIG 2006,2008, 2011
Workshop Series Micro& Nanoreliability, Nanotech, Boston      Chairman

Baltic Electronic Conferences, Conf. Series, Tallinn, Estonia

Safety and Security Conference, Potsdam 2009Program Chair

Future Security  Research Conference Series, Berlin,  Karlsruhe

Microfactory Conference Tokyo, Japan

European Conference on Fracture, Andreanopoulis, Greece, 2006

International Conference on Fracture Torino, Italy, 2006

Smart Systems Integration, Brussels, Como, Barcelona, Zurich etc.

SMT, Hybrid Nürnberg, Conference Series, Germany

Microsystem Technologies, Berlin, Düsseldorf etc., Conf. Series

EPTC, Conference Series, Singaapore

European Packaging Conferences (EUPACK)

Semiconductor Cenference Dresden SCD 2011

SIMTEC 2012, Montecatini, Italy

Chemnitzer Fachtagungen Mikroelektronik, conf. Series

Leibniz Conferences Nanoscience, Lichtenwalde, Conf. Series

3rd.Leibniz Conference Nanoscience, Lichtenwalde 2007General Chair

ECEPT Shanghai, Conf. Series

GMM Workshop Series  Micro-Nano-Integration,Stuttgart 2010

China Solid State Lighting Conference Series, 2010, 2011

Micro-Nano Optoelectronic Systems Conf. Bremen 2011

Conference IMAPS EMPC Brighton UK, 2011

HITEN- High Temperature Electronics Conf. Series, Oxford, Paris

Conference Series Reliability and Design, Hamburg 2011

Adhesives in Electronics, Stockholm,2002